For Parents & Professionals

Ten Habits of Highly Successful
Parents & Professionals

This workshop illuminates “Ten Habits of Highly Successful Parents and Professionals.” These habits are effective in helping adults not only form healing connections with children, but simultaneously taking better care of themselves, as well.  The workshop is a wide-ranging smorgasbord of pertinent philosophies and therapeutic strategies with an emphasis on critical communication skills and self-awareness. It’s designed to be instantly practical in renewing the spirit and intention of parents and professionals as they face the challenges of better serving their children. 

Training Objectives

Helping parents and professionals:

  • Understand the three part job: children, getting along with the other adults, and working on their own personal growth.
  • Learn to separate underlying themes (self esteem, abandonment, physical/sexual abuse, addiction) from the symptomatic day-to-day triggers. 
  • Gain clarity about their own: fear and control issues, preferences and attachments, shadow selves

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Last Updated: May 4, 2012