For Parents & Professionals

How to Speak with Children
About Difficult Things

Learning to talk with children about the profound issues affecting their lives demands a high level of skill and empathy on the part of parents and professionals. Many of our children are confused and well-defended, pushing away all attempts to help.  This training is designed to help participants gain clarity about their own issues as a vehicle to connect with children about theirs. The training takes the premise that the two necessary conditions to connect with any human being are:

  1. We know the issue within ourselves, within our own way
  2. We have come to peace with that issue

Training Objectives

Helping parents and professionals:

  • Gain awareness in how to lay the therapeutic foundation for a truthful, thoughtful conversation to take place
  • See it all as human; that everyone in their own way has dealt with grief, abandonment, addiction, betrayal, joy, love, hope, etc.
  • Develop new tools in how to listen with an ear toward understanding rather than doing
  • Learn the difference between information sharing which engages the child’s inner witness and manipulation which engages either opposition or compliance 

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Last Updated: May 4, 2012