For Parents & Professionals

How to Help Children Become Thoughtful Decision Makers

It is not our job to help children make good or right decisions (which are driven by our answers). It is our job to help them make thoughtful ones (which are driven by our questions). Learning to help abused, vulnerable children mature into healthy, self-responsible human beings is a profoundly difficult challenge. It demands a true willingness on our parts to enter into more equal and healing partnerships with our children. This pragmatic, inspirational training offers freedom from the helping act.

Training Objectives

Helping parents and professionals:

  • Learn to help children make internally thoughtful, as opposed to externally good or right, decisions
  • How to lay the groundwork that allows children to see themselves as thoughtful, responsible, reflective human beings
  • Master the art of asking question which elicit children’s real decisions, their real ‘yes’ and real ‘no’ to an issue
  • Enter into more healing, interactive and co-authored decision-making with children.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2012