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Communication Anchored in the Truth

Communication is a form of communion. The aim of communication is to connect us with other human beings because it is deeply grounded in connecting us with ourselves. Assertion is the vehicle by which communication is anchored within us; where the truth resides. It is the casual, and deep, ownership of our words thoughts and feelings. Assertion is internally focused. On the other hand, passive and aggressive communication is externally focused on how "you" affect me. It is a disowned form of communication which pretends others create feelings within us.

In our work to be therapeutic with children in our care, it is important to help children become assertive, to claim ownership of their bodies, their thoughts, their feelings. This intriguing training will present a unique perspective for using communication as a vehicle to create space for the truth to arrive.

Training Objectives

Helping parents and professionals:

  • Recognize the power of words (positive and negative) upon relationships with self and others
  • Understand communication styles with oppositional children (stuck in “no”) and compliant children (stuck in “yes”) 
  • Recognize the dysfunctional similarities of passivity and aggression
  • Discover the healing and curative power of becoming assertive
  • Learn the best and worst things to say before, during, and after a crisis

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Last Updated: May 4, 2012