For Parents & Professionals

Understanding Attachment & Child Development

Children in foster, adopt and group homes often suffered devastating chaos in their developmental milestones. Bonding, attachment and trust, necessary pre-conditions for becoming authentic and whole, were often ruptured by the inability of the birth parents to anchor these fragile beings as they came into the world. This insightful, thoughtful training illuminates the developmental stages children go through. It helps parents and professionals understand healthy and unhealthy child development and help foster attachment.

Training Objectives

Helping parents and professionals:

  • Understand symbiosis, practicing, rapprochement, and object constancy
  • Illuminate the survival strategies of reality distortion and projective identification
  • Gain awareness of object splitting and emotional refueling
  • Get practical tools and strategies to help us see children with respectful and therapeutic eyes… eyes that see them as human and not damaged 

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Last Updated: May 4, 2012