Why Come to These Trainings?/What’s in it for You?

 What makes Jeff’s trainings utterly unique?

1. They’re Simple (and Human)

There is simplicity and elegance to the truth. It is not so complicated and convoluted as we often think. Not if we see it clearly. Not if we recognize we all, in our own way, are doing the same things our youth are doing, just to more or lesser degrees. That’s what makes the trainings remarkably simple; they’re empathic and human.

2. They’re Useful across All Facets of Life

So often trainings are target specific: how do I work with this kid, population, family, or situation? On the other hand, Jeff’s trainings are designed focus less on the specifics (the rules) and enter the realm of the immutable and universal truths (the principles) beneath them.

3. They’re Irreverent and Fun!

Often the subject matter which brings us together is dark and traumatic; physical, sexual abuse, abandonment, neglect and betrayal. Our hearts can grow heavy shouldering such profound burdens. Jeff’s trainings offer a unique opportunity to gain great insights while looking at situations through the lens of wisdom and humor.

Humor, used consciously, isn’t a defense against feeling, it’s a kinder, gentler, more effortless way to align with some of the more frustrating behaviors of our youth. Finding the fun, allows us to lighten up and shake off the overly serious stance of ‘doing right and saving the world’.

Humor isn’t just a defense against feeling. Used consciously, it’s a gentler, more effortless way to align our lives. Finding the fun, allows us to aikido and flow with the energy, rather than get into these serious stances to do right and save the world.



Dynamic CEU's Trainings for Professionals and Parents:  

  • Social Workers & Marraige and Family Therapist. Provides CEU's through the BBSE for LMFT and LCSW.
  • Group Home Administrators. Provides CEU's through DSS for administrators.
  • Foster/Kinship Care. The NFPA (National Foster Parent Association) has certified Jeff as a trainer.
  • Group Homes and Treatment Centers. provides CEU's through CCL for child care workers.


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Last Updated: May 2016

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